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AR Direct provides credit unions and banks the ability to list vehicles, of any type and condition, for sale online without having to pay excessive fees. Our auction is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and as a seller you could reach up to 1,400 buyers across the US.

AR Direct makes selling repossessed vehicles easy by removing unnecessary fees (including towing and storage) and quickening the auction cycle. Our auction is 100% private which allows us to eliminate extra buyer fees and bring more profit per vehicle for our sellers.

AR Direct can also offer a Value Report and access to our self-serve mobile inspection app. The AR Direct Value Report includes a valuation of your choice, binding auction offers within the first 72 of loss, and historical sales data. The self-serve mobile inspection app enables credit unions or banks to quickly capture photos/HD video of the vehicle and immediately upload to our auction.

We also offer services to assist in transferring title ownership over to the inquiring business. That includes transfer of salvage titles, vehicle repossession, obtaining a duplicate title, general title transfer from one owner to the next, title transfer by trade, and more.

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